Majority Of The Patients Support Health Data Sharing, According To A Latest Survey

Even though there are concerns about data security, majority of patients say that data sharing is essential for availing the best healthcare. In a survey conducted by Health IT Policy Committee, more than 70 percent of patients were of the view that electronic data sharing from EHR software would help them to get better treatment. The survey was conducted on 2,000 patients during the period 2012 to 2013. The aim of the survey was to find out how the patients felt about EHR software data sharing and their security concerns. 
Now, most of the findings revealed by the survey were expected. Majority of the Americans are concerned about the privacy of their health information. However, less than 70 percent of the participants answered the questions on data security. Another case of worry has popped up with the findings of the survey. According to the survey, about 8 percent of patients have not revealed some critical information to the providers, as they were concerned about the privacy and security of the data. It was also found that 4 percent of patients did not provide some of the data such as whether the provider used EHR software instead of the traditional paper records. 
Another fact that came out in the survey is that about 50 percent of the patients not having told the truth when it comes to revealing vital information. This is because of the fear that they would be judged by the provider. The fact is that clinicians are not able to access such data, whilst people are afraid of some sensitive data being shared. Now, the survey revealed that patients were not much worried about how the data was being transmitted, that is, whether it was sent by a fax or through an electronic medium. In addition, majority of the patients wanted the physician to make use of EHR software. 
According to Vaishali Patel, who is a senior advisor, “Overall, during this time of significant EHR adoption, the majority of Americans express concerns about the storing and sharing of their medical records but those concerns are not specific to electronic methods of storing or sharing.” 
The study found that there were numerous opportunities for the providers to come up with better data exchange facilities when it comes to sharing data. Since majority of the patients support data sharing, now the providers should take the necessary steps and ensure the safety and security of patient data.